A Simple Pleasure

Our range of delicious classic pies and pastries has something to indulge everyone in the family.

Our Fresh New Look

We’ve always looked good in green! Our bold logo and packaging are no exception. So next time you’re on a hunt for a Peter’s product on the shelves of your local shop, remember to look out for our signature green – it’s the beacon of trust that sets us apart from any old pie.

Our packaging has changed over the year, but rest assured your favourite Peter’s products are still baked just how you like them: classic recipes, packed full of flavour and wrapped in flaky golden pastry.

Our new packaging look
3 Pack Corned Beef Chicken & Bacon Slice Traditional Pasty Traditional Pasty

The Peter’s Range

Whether Peter’s has been a family favourite for decades or you’re discovering our pies for the first time, allow us to indulge you with our full range of delicious products. Discover old classics, mealtime staples and new creations, all baked with the love and care we’ve come to be known for.

Peters for dinner
Plate of Peters Corned Beef Pasties on Oven Rack

Dinner Sorted

Family life can be full-on. So when the whole gang finally gets the chance to sit down together at the end of the day, it’s nice knowing that there’s a family favourite ready for you – classic pies and pastries, lovingly baked by Peter’s. Served up with veggies, mash and gravy, or simply chips and your favourite dollop of sauce; it’s a simple pleasure that can’t be beat.

On The Go

Need a quick fix of flavour when you’re on the move? We’ve got you covered – grab one of our tempting on-the-go pastries, like our famous corned beef pasties or a scrummy sausage roll. Because when you’re in a rush and feeling hungry, it’s good to know there’s a hearty meal ready just for you.

Snacking & Sharing

You know the feeling: peckish and on the hunt for a tasty treat, but not sure what to snack on. Our range of snackable savoury bakes are here to help. From fridge-raiding after school specials to shareable family food you can enjoy on picnics and days out, bust your hunger with a Peter’s pasty or roll.