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We Do More

With daily nationwide deliveries from 10 distribution centres across the UK, Peter’s is the food service agency that will always do more.

From pies and pastries to bacon and beans, from chips and peas to meats and cheese, from flap jacks and cookies to desserts and drinks , Peter’s can supply the goods you’re looking for to grow your business. Nothing’s forgotten and, in the vast majority of cases, we can deliver everything you have ordered the following day, fresh as a daisy.

If you think that your menu needs livening up a little, we’ll do the lot. Our business prides itself on its ‘mouth watering’ menu development and product innovation. This could mean anything from dipping into the work of our consultant executive chef, John Benson-Smith to sharing the secret of our new range of slices, including the Pepperoni Pizza and All Day Breakfast.

But don’t worry, Peter’s still does the good old, award-winning favourites including steak, steak and kidney and meat pies with the same aplomb.

It’s all about choosing the very best ingredients and preparing them to perfection. So, in a market where customers are increasingly conscious of what goes into their food, we can tick that box too.