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H.J Heinz

When you are on the go… It Has To Be Heinz

The nation’s favourite Heinz baked beans are available in a handy, convenient form for Heinz Beanz lovers to eat on the go, hot or cold.

The pastry slice range is available in four great flavours, classic Heinz Beanz Slice, Heinz Beanz with Cheddar Cheese, Heinz Beanz with Spicy Meatballs and Heinz Beanz with Smoky Sausage all wrapped in light puff pastry.

The British public can get their hands on their favourite Heinz Beanz which can be eaten out of home, with all the flexibility and advantages of convenience food at its best.

For the ultimate in convenience the range of sauce-topped pork sausage rolls, topped with a layer of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, HP Brown Sauce and Heinz Ploughman’s Pickle, are available as a single roll or a 4 × 60g multi pack.

The tasty range is great for packed lunches, picnics or a quick savoury snack; perfect for those on the go to eat anywhere, at any time.

The Heinz range is lovingly baked by Peter’s Food Service and is available in all major retailers.


2014 sees the Heinz BIG brand extend the hearty flavours from the BIG Soup and Frozen Ready Meal ranges into savoury pies and pasties, also carrying the BIG promise of ‘BIG on Flavour’.

The pies will be available in five great varieties, including Steak Potato & HP Brown Sauce, Steak & Onion, Steak & Vegetable, Chicken & Bacon and Chicken & Leek. The Steak Potato and HP Brown sauce and Chicken & Bacon pie launch February 2014, with the other flavours launching in April 2014.

In addition, a range of Heinz BIG pasties will also launch in April, available in four varieties: Meat Feast, Steak Potato & HP Brown Sauce, Chicken & Bacon, and Angus Steak & Vegetable.

Heinz BIG pies and pasties can be enjoyed either hot or cold, and as a snack or a meal any time of the day.

This latest venture follows the successful launch of the Heinz chilled savoury pastries also manufactured by Peter’s Food Service.


In Spring 2015, Heinz launched four delicious new pastries into the Heinz chilled savoury pastry range.

A “Heinz Beanz with Chicken and BBQ Sauce” pastry slice joined the range of 160g slices, giving consumers another way to enjoy their favourite Heinz Beanz on the go.

Fans of Heinz Beanz with Cheddar Cheese can now also enjoy their favourite flavour in a multi pack of 8 × 60g pockets.

In addition, Heinz introduced two new sauces to its range of sauce-topped pork sausage rolls.

Heinz Firecracker Sauce, the fiery tomato and chipotle chilli sauce with a smokey flavour, launched in a 130g Heinz Firecracker Sauce Pork Roll, and the HP Texan Style BBQ Sauce with its smokey, hickory flavour, launched in a 130g HP BBQ Sauce Pork Roll.

The new Heinz pastries have a recommended retail price of £1.50 for the 160g slice, £1 for the 130g sausage rolls, and £2.50 for the pocket multi pack, and are now available in Asda.

Like the other tasty products in the Heinz chilled savoury pastry range, the new pastries can be enjoyed either hot or cold; as a snack or a meal any time of the day, providing the ultimate convenience to Heinz fans on the move.

Heinz extended pastry range, launched April 2015

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